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By Clicking Submit you agree to the terms below and doesn't guarantee acceptance to Country Fan Fest 2020.

Please read and agree to these articles before applying.
Merchandise vendors are required to be set up and fully operational on Thursday July 30th for inspection. Your booth needs to be fully staffed Friday July 31th and Saturday August 1st. Tear down and cleanup is on Sunday August 2nd. 
Applicants must have a current Business License, Tooele County Permit, and current General Liability Insurance with 2,000,000 aggregate limit, 1,000,000 each occurrence limit, and 1,000,000 combined single limit auto insurance. Business Liability Insurance would need to list Country Fan Fest, Tooele County, and Deseret Peak Complex as additional insured to participate in Country Fan Fest.
Tents must meet a strict building code requirement. Integral frame tents with 35-gallon water filled barrels or 280 lb. pre-cast concrete ballasts, rope fastened to each leg, are acceptable. (pop-up tents or tents with any hinged or moving parts will not be accepted). If you cannot meet the tent requirement, a tent will be provided and installed for you at cost, based on your requested tent size. Trailers, and hard structure concession vans must be in good operating, physical, and aesthetic condition.
Primitive camping space with no power or water $75.00 (if needed)
Payment for approved applicants must be made in full before booth location can be negotiated. All payments must be received by Country Fan Fest no later than 60 days prior to the event. We do not process refunds after your spot has been paid for and reserved.
Country Fan Fest will provide 110V 20A in the vendor package to each Merchandise vendor location at no additional charge. Additional fee's will apply for additional power needs. Garbage receptacles will be provided accessible to the merchandise vendors at no extra charge. All night lighting for purchased tents will be provided by Country Fan Fest at no additional charge.

Vendor items excluded from sale are glass bottles, illegal substances, cigarette and vaping products, and any printed items that infringe on artist or festival copyrights. (Country Fan Fest reserves the exclusive right to sell festival branded items within the festival and camping grounds)
Merchandise vendors will be required to adhere to any purchasing and price setting agreements made between Country Fan Fest and brand-product sponsors. Written notifications of price setting or purchasing agreements will be sent to all merchandise vendors no later than 60 days prior to festival date.

The exclusive right of a vendor to sell a featured merchandise item will not be regulated by Country Fan Fest on site, however, CFF will limit how many vendors are approved that list identical featured items to ONE applicant. Accepted vendors are asked to respect and NOT compete with the featured items of other vendors. Following this request will guarantee an invitation to participate in CFF consecutively. If your application is denied based on same featured item type, an opportunity to change your featured item will be given. (CFF reserves the right to lift the exclusion clause based on ticket sales and increased attendance.)